Hot Mess BBQ is a family business

Watching the weather today in Oklahoma and I am grateful. #hotmessbbq #tulsa #BBQ #Catering #Family #LoveMyBoys #Oklahoma #Tulsa

Schools were closed today as Oklahoman's once again prepared for bad weather. May has been very rainy with severe weather throughout the state, which means we have had a lot of events rained out. Thank goodness for catering!

My boys run outside to play as soon as the rain breaks. Stepping outside to watch them I realize it is at least in part because of them that I love events and catering. My boys don't watch much TV, instead, they want to jump on the trampoline that's surrounded by hay bales, they run to the pond to see if the fish are jumping... they embrace life. If my BBQ can help create a memory for a family that's what I want to do with my time. I love what I do, every minute of it!

The boys work right along side me on the truck most of the time. They are learning how to run a business and to get ready for events. Thank you for being part of our lives and witnessing the boys grow and being part of our Hot Mess BBQ family.

Everyone be safe out there! Oklahoman's can withstand this weather!


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